An important part  of the cultural heritage of the Fondazione Fedrigoni Fabriano, is the Archive,  testimony to the cultural and industrial reality of papermaking in Fabriano.

This patrimony is preserved inside the five rooms situated on the ground floor of the industrial building of Cartiere Miliani Fabriano, which now houses the offices of Fedrigoni S.p.A.  It  consists of bound and loose documents, photographs, watermarked paper, videos, films, drawings etc. This material constitutes l’Archivio d’Impresa (Archive Enterprise), declared of noteworthy historical interest on 20th July 1964 rule  of D.P.R. 1409 of 30.09.1963, with the following motivation:

          “it concerns the Archive Cartiera Miliani and its documents which date back to its founding by Pietro Miliani in the second half of the XVIII century. These documents give insight into technical and economic activities, serial problems relating to the workers employed in that period,  relationships with representatives of the world of letters, arts and politics, and into important international  commercial ties then existing”.

Owing to its recognized value, the Archive is protected by Access Regulations.  

The Archive material has been listed in an inventory and arranged  in series and funds (Fondo Aziendale dal 1782; Fototeca dal 1871; Fondo del Consigliere Delegato dal 1902-1988 – Sede Sociale di Roma, Fondo del Senatore Giambattista Miliani, Raccolta filigrana del Duca di Valminuta; etc).

Part of the documents, watermarks and archaeological objects of the industrial paper manufacturers, are deposited on a gratuitous loan contract in the Paper and Watermark Paper Museums of Fabriano (Ancona) and of Pioraco (Macerata).


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