HIDDEN TREASURE-TROVE of Fondazione Fedrigoni Fabriano

Fondazione Fedrigoni Fabriano aims at enhancing and spreading the vast historic, cultural and artistic  heritage which it owns and preserves in the ‘Archivio delle Cartiere Miliani Fabriano’, in the adjacent Warehouse hosting Historic Paper Heritage in Fabriano, as well as in the ‘Archivio storico Fedrigoni ‘ in Verona, through the format “TESORI NASCOSTI della Fondazione Fedrigoni Fabriano” (HIDDEN TREASURE-TROVE of  Fondazione Fedrigoni Fabriano), which will include a series of  mini-interviews where lecturers, scholars and experts on paper will be invited to give an account and to comment on the “pearls of the archive”, highly prestigious items and testimonials.

The first of three instalments with Marta Sironi will in fact be dedicated to the renowned designer, editor and printer of art from Milan during the first decade of the 1900s, Raffaello Bertieri (1875-1941), whose beautiful samples are now preserved by the Fondazione and hence ‘Archivio Storico delle Cartiere Miliani Fabriano’. Famous for having published the volumes by D’Annunzio and Bodoni, Bertieri, he both directed and owned the journal “Il Risorgimento Grafico” (1902-1941).


1st  SERIES – By Author Collection of  Samples with Marta Sironi (graphic historian):