Fondazione now celebrates its 10th anniversary!

The Fedrigoni Fabriano Foundation was born on 8th March 2011 thanks to Fedrigoni SpA which offered ample support to culture, scientific and technological research, safeguarding and showcasing a historical paper heritage of inestimable value.

Fondazione now celebrates its 10th anniversary. Ten years filled with initiatives that have marked both national and international paper history. Ten years of achievements thanks to all those that have continually followed and supported it.

Fondazione has planned to celebrate its tenth anniversary with numerous initiatives throughout 2021. Following the enormous success of the  2nd international  workshop "Paper in Motion" by COST Action PIMo held in February 12th,  which saw the participation of more than two hundred and fifty scholars, enthusiasts of paper history all connected on direct streaming the world over, Fondazione has taken up the restoration of the Album of  “I Segni delle Antiche Cartiere Fabrianesi” by Augusto Zonghi (The signs of Ancient Fabriano Papers). An exceptional event which aims at preserving  an asset already well acquainted to the competent government bodies and which has been considered of  “particular historic and cultural interest” and of “exceptional national and international interest”. It is of no coincidence that of Fondazione Fedrigoni Fabriano’s decision to print the first edition of the invaluable Album written between 1882 and 1884, edited by Livia Faggioni, a point of reference still today both for historians, paleographers and water-mark scholars which is soon to be presented to the public. 

Amongst the numerous important ongoing projects are the identification, the cataloguing and digitalisation of the extraordinary ancient Fabriano paper collection dating from 1267, viz. Corpus Chartarum Fabriano (CCF) which, has over recent weeks collected an increase of over a thousand  records. To date, 2,547 items have been published online and are available to scholars all over the world for the purpose of dating documents sine data et loco. A project that places Fabriano paper as the core of national and international paper history and which was to be illustrated on occasion of the renowned Conference of International Paper Historians, in Washington (USA) in September 2020 then converted to an online venue which has been postponed to June 2021 following the Covid emergency. The 2,547 records have for some days been shared  on the international platform and the watermarks consulted viz. “The memory of paper”, in line with the Bernstein Project promoted by the European Commission eContemplus which aims at providing more visibility and spreading this invaluable paper heritage.

Fondazione reiterates its engagement on research activities this current year too. In effect, studies on Fabriano watermarks dating from XVI century by Augusto Zonghi up to the watermark collection in the Miliani Paper mill archive, are to pursue.  Moreover, to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri (1321-2121), Fondazione has launched a study, the purpose of which is to compare “sign” (i.e. watermarks) from Fabriano that are present on papers pertaining to the Collection of  Augusto Zonghi, with those that can  be traced down on fine works and in the incunabula of the Divine Comedy.

A wealth of novelties and initiatives are in view...
Stay with us!