The Foundation hosts the 6th edition of the "Bernstein Conference"

Tomorrow and Friday, May 26 and 27, the Fedrigoni Fabriano Foundation will host the 6th edition of the "International Conference on watermarks in digital collections" promoted in collaboration with the Bernstein Consortium and the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

The leading watermark experts from all over the world will be in Fabriano and will compete on the digital tools currently available for online consultation of the most important and popular collections.

It is a great honor for the Foundation to host this international event which for the first time takes place in Italy, after Austria, the Netherlands, Portugal and Ireland.

Speakers from Austria, France, Czech Republic, Portugal, Iceland, United States and Italy will illustrate the watermark databases currently available online. The Foundation will present some news related to Corpus Chartarum Fabriano, such as the next digitization of the watermark collection by Aurelio Zonghi, owned by the Municipality of Fabriano.

The event will be recorded and, in the following days, the reports will be available on the Foundation website, www.fondazionefedrigoni.it .

To read more, read the Press Release.