2° International Workshop "Paper in Motion"

Two hundred and fifty scholars all over the world were able to connect on direct streaming and  attend the live debate. The successful online workshop held in the main offices of Fondazione Fedrigoni  Fabriano on Friday  February 12th,  which gathered  experts from the most prestigious Italian and European universities involved in the project “Paper in Motion”, which aims at reconstructing the ”paper routes” in the Mediterranean Sea, for ever the crossroad between people and ideas. An international event of notable importance that once more confirms Fondazione as the hub in the field of research.

Hence, following Simancas, in Spain, Fabriano, known as the ‘paper city’ par excellence, hosted the interdisciplinary online workshop which studies the spreading of technologies and manufacturing of paper in South Europe, above all, the material conditions when it all began and some of the social, cultural, political and economic effects linked to it within a wider project that embodies the entire circulation of people and ideas.

Coordinated by Professor José María Pérez Fernández from the University of Granada (Spain), “Paper in Motion” is but just one of the workshops that makes up the COST Action “People in Motion” (PIMo) project, directed by Professor Giovanni Tarantino of the University of Florence and financed by COST Association (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) which engages hundreds of researchers from 41 countries.

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