Conference held in Fabriano, ITALY May 22, 2024 - “The use of Oriental papers in the conservation of Western artifacts”

The Fedrigoni Fabriano Foundation has promoted the “Fabriano between history and innovation” event for the second year; on this occasion presenting the conference: “The use of Oriental papers in the conservation of Western artifacts. Comparison of traditions and techniques in Fabriano” on May 22nd in the Sala Forme (Hall of the Paper Moulds) within the Miliani Fabriano Paper Mills Complex.

The conference was organized by the Fedrigoni Group in collaboration with Stefania Zeppieri of Conservation and Restoration of Archival Book Heritage, Works of Art on Paper and Related Artifacts, offering the opportunity for participants to deepen their knowledge of Asian papermaking traditions and open a scientific dialogue regarding the use of these papers in the conservation of ancient, modern, and contemporary Western artifacts. 

The presentation of important case studies by three invited specialists highlighted the advantages of using Japanese and Korean paper for various applications, while also delving into the history and technique of the manufacture of these papers to understand their primary materials and learn which papers are available on the market today. After an introduction by Chiara Medioli Fedrigoni, President of the Fedrigoni Fabriano Foundation, the afternoon program was moderated by conservator Stefania Zeppieri, who heads the Foundation's conservation laboratory. Speakers included Marinita Stiglitz, Head of paper conservation at the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford; Maria Vera Quattrini, Conservator with the Central Institute for Restoration (ICR) in Rome; and Chiara Fornaciari da Passano, Head of conservation at the paper conservation laboratory of the Vatican Museums.  

Also in attendance were Akiyama Nobushige, Japanese artist and papermaker and Sandro Tiberi, Fabriano artist and papermaker, who illustrated the distinctive characteristics of Japanese and Western handmade papermaking, respectively.  The two papermakers set up two separate stations, outfitted with traditional equipment, and demonstrated hand papermaking in their specializations for the participants. 

The conference occurred under the official patronage of the City of Fabriano, the Marche Region, the Institute of Japanese Culture, and the Pia Università dei Cartai, along with special recognition by the Soprintendenza Archivistica e Bibliografica delle Marche and the Istituto Centrale per il Restauro (ICR).

To see the video trailer of the conference, see Video section.